ISO Badminton Club

ISO League Membership Form 2018-19

ISO currently play in two biggest leagues in London: Middlesex & Hammersmith.
- Mens: Middlesex division 2, 3, 4 & may put 6 back this season; Hammersmith division 1, 3
- Ladies: Middlesex division 1, 2, 3; Hammersmith division 1
- Mixed: Middlesex division 1, 2, 3; Hammersmith division 1
- Hybrid: Hammersmith division 1

In order to create a happy ISO, so that players can practise more together and make the matches more enjoyable, we will prioritise the matches to regular players who joined as Annual Members, and players who play mainly for ISO in Middlesex & Hammersmith league (we may not accept players who play multi-clubs at same leagues, unless exceptional circumstances). Less regular players with different work patterns/other commitments are also allowed if joined as Prepayment Members (may play less matches under this option).

Slightly different to past seasons, each committed member will be better off if chose to be main player for 1 to 3 teams this season, then you can play more matches for that team(s) and also be backup for other teams. Less committed players may play when available. Please do state your preference in the form below.

Each player will need to be Club Member first before filling in this League Membership Form. If you don’t want to miss the initial team practice/allocation for 2018-19, please submit the Form ASAP or by 15 July 2018.

Team practise:

Monday/Tuesday at Mile End, East London: For whoever is free to play extra;
Thursday at Ladbroke Grove, West London: For Middlesex first two teams men & women;
Friday at Bethnal Green, East London: For other teams & first two team players based at East London;
Saturday at West London: For intermediate players who want to improve from the lower league matches

(Home match will be mainly on Sunday – 1st two teams at West London, other teams play either at Raine’s at East London or Ladbroke Grove/Latimer Road area at West London)

Club Shirts

Buy one shirt at £18 with name printing, and get one short FREE (only this season) – iBadds will sponsor the short free this time if you buy a shirt. We recommend you get one as this team shirt with our own design might be used for the next two seasons. (In the process of designing…)

Fees summary

From 2018/19 season, we strictly separate the session and match fees, as we do not encourage getting a team for match only without practise – team spirit is important.

1) Session Fees – please pay before coming to the session or with league fee when submit this form:

A. Full Member:

B) Prepayment Member:

(If the above payment methods don’t suit your style, please discuss with Sophy)

2) Match Fee – please prepay separately in October or one day before your first match:

£9 for either home or away match this season; please prepay £45. Prepayment will be deducted each time when you play a match. Match organiser will ask you to top up another £45 once your prepayment is used up (any unused match fee will be refunded or transferred to session account at the end of season). You can track the balance through – ISO Match Account (separate from ISO Session Account).

3) League Related Administration Fees – please pay when you submit this form:

Payment details

Account Name: ISO Badminton
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code 40-01-06
Account number: 02714124
Reference: full name for you or who you are paying for

Please contact us or leave a comment in the form below if you have any question.

Data Protection Policy

The information provided is for registration of badminton league matches. ISO Badminton Club & owners will keep it for 2018/19 season and will only share the information provided with Badminton England and Middlesex & Hammersmith Badminton Associations. If you need to update or remove the data, please contact Please check the box at the bottom of your form.

DD/MM/YYYY format; Required for Badminton England registration for new player
Please enter your email to be used for your eBadders session&match accounts
May be considered for away matches
Tick if you are committed to play away matches i.e. play at opponent club venue
Please tick how many teams you want to be main player for; May tick None if you cannot commit
Team allocation based on level of play but good to communicate if any conflict of interest
It is your responsible to inform us so that penalty can be avoid for the team
£18 per shirt; Don't have to buy one if you want to wear old ISO shirt
see measurement at website:
The EXACT name to print at the back of your shirts
Badminton England membership number. You need one to play the league.
I confirm I will pay the amount as part of registration
I confirm I will pay the amount as part of registration
I confirm I will pay the amount as part of registration
I confirm I will prepay 5 match fees of £45 in October or one day before my first match
Please select how you want to pay for the session fee
Let us know if you have any comment or question
I consent with the above data policy.