ISO Member Form & Gift Aid Declaration (2021/22)

About ISO League

ISO play in biggest & strongest leagues in London – Middlesex & Hammersmith. We also run Central London Leagues with Badminton England. Once Badminton England launch the new National Team League, we will take part as well.

- Mens: Middlesex division 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, 7; Hammersmith division 1, 3;
- Ladies: Middlesex division 1, 1, 2, 3; Hammersmith division 1, 1;
- Mixed: Middlesex division 1, 1, 3, 4; Hammersmith 1;

In order to create a happy ISO, that players can practise more together and make the matches more enjoyable, we prioritise matches to regular players who mainly play for ISO in Middlesex & Hammersmith. For better team spirit, we may not accept players who play for multi-clubs at same leagues, unless exceptional circumstances. We normally group teams based on past results or level of play if new player.

Our Club Sessions & Team Practise:

Monday at Moberly, West: tbc from September 2021;
Monday/Tuesday at Mile End, East: For whoever is free to play extra;
Wednesday at KAA, Latimer Road, West: For other teams based at West London;
Thursday at St Charles, Ladbroke Grove, West: For Middlesex first two teams men & women;
Friday at Mile End or School 21, East: For other teams & first two teams based at East London;
Saturday at KAA, West: For intermediate players who want to improve from lower league matches;
Saturday at Waterloo, Central: For all teams. (may use 2 courts for matches at league season)
Sunday at St Charles or KAA, Friday at School 21: matches only

League fee summary

1) Match fee, same as 2.5 hours session fee, will be deducted from your Prepayments (Credits).

2) Other League Related Fees – please pay when you submit this form:

2a. Annual Badminton England (BE) membership: Was £18 for Play Member which club can pay on your behalf, or £30 for Compete Member which you need to pay to BE directly.

2b. Registration fees: £30 for taxpayers (discounted to £20 for students & non-taxpayer). This is to cover loss of some court costs, used for club affiliation fee with BE, team registration fees with league associations, and cover discounts for captains, hosts & organisers who help reduce admin burden.

2c. Team Shirts (optional): buy one shirt at sponsored price of £14 with free name printing, or one short at £8, or £20 for one set (iBadds will sponsor part of the costs).

- choose from model 20917 or 20914: see pictures in Google drive for iBadds Clothing
- Click here for shirt measurements

Payment Details

Account Name: ISO Badminton Club (Business Account)
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code 40-01-06
Account number: 02714124
Reference: full name for you or who you are paying for

Please contact us or leave a comment in the form below if you have any question.

Data Protection Policy

The information provided is for registration of badminton league matches. ISO Badminton Club & owners will keep it for 2021/22 season and will only share the information provided with Badminton England and Middlesex, Hammersmith & Central London Badminton Associations. If you need to update or remove the data, please contact Please check the box at the bottom of your form.

Gift Aid Declaration

ISO Badminton Club is HMRC approved CASC (Charity). If you are a taxpayer, we can claim tax refund from HMRC at 25% of your session fees which designated as donations. It won’t cost you any extra. ISO will return taxpayers with free gift or free credit within rules allowed limit. You may also claim 25% or more of tax refund from HMRC depends on your tax rate band.

Please confirm if you can Gift Aid your donations in the Member Form below.

Need to select before submit, will follow up if need explanation
Need to tick before submit.
Only complete the sections below if new, or change address/other details
Please check the categories you want to play, or everything if you are keen
We allocate players who want play together to same team
It is your responsibility to tell us if you also play for other clubs, to avoid penalty or conflict
To avoid penalty, we only nominate committed players, please inform us if commitment changed
Please give more details to help us schedule both home & away matches
It is optional, although we expect players to wear team shirts and represent the club
Check measurement as it is small Chinese size here, generally put one size larger than your UK size
Some fees are required and some optional
Please ignore if you paid for the sessions
I confirm I will pay the amount as part of registration, if selected yes
I confirm I will pay the amount as part of registration
I confirm I will pay the amount as part of registration, if selected yes