Exam time changed to Moberly, Fri, for West Teams & High Inter+ Guests, Fri 26 May, 7 p.m. (3 hours)

Venue: Moberly, 3 courts

Standard fee: £10.0. If pay as you go, require to pay one day in advance; Member who prepaid Credit of £50 & above will get cheaper session fee as extra FREE credit will be given (covered by Gift Aid, no membership charge) - Click 'Read details' button below for ISO bank details, direction and how to become a member etc.


  • We start to build the invite only session for St Charles Friday for all Team Players & Higher Level Guests. (exam time at Moberly or other venue)
  • Late cancellation charge: will charge in full if cancel after 7pm one day before, or you may find a replacement.

Membership (Credit System) – some flexible choices see below:

  • Anyone who prepay Credit of £50+ is called Member; only deduct credit when come to play.
  • The more you prepay, the cheaper the session fee, as we will give free Credit from Gift Aid – 6% free if prepay £50+, 10% if prepay £100+, or 15% if prepay £180+;
  • All Credit expire in 2 years, can be extended for exceptional reasons such as lockdown, injuries & travelling abroad.
  • Credit is applied to all ISO sessions. Please WhatsApp your email to Sophy 07912602688 after you paid Credit to ISO bank account. We will then create an account for you on & send you guidance (once you have login to ISO at, you can track Transaction under My Games).

  • ISO Bank Account Details (cash will be last resort):
    Account Name: ISO Badminton Club (tick as Business Account)
    Bank: HSBC
    Sort Code 40-01-06
    Account number: 02714124
    Reference: your profile name or who you are paying for



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