Waterloo, Wedn 5.30-7.30pm, 4 courts, member £9, PAYG £10, Inter+, Wed 6 Jul, 5:30 p.m. (2 hours)

Venue: Waterloo, 4 courts

Standard fee: £9.0. (£9 for prepaid member; £10 for pay as you go. Member is anyone who prepaid £50+, 5% free credit given if prepay £100+, or 10% if prepay £180+)





The London Nautical School
61 Stamford Street
London SE1 9NA

How to get there?

Direction: when walking from Waterloo to Stamford Street, walk past the main school entrance opposite Pret, turn right to the side street called Hatfields. The entrance with large steel gate is about 15 yards down Hatfields, opposite no.17-19 Hatfields (left hand side is football pitch, right hand side with a small door is where you can go in, although it may look closed. Some time they open gate opposite no.15 Hatfileds instead. Free parking inside school but congestion charge in place.

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