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Better sessions for your club

The main part of eBadders is the session management system. It works like a smart peg system by selecting automatically who goes on court. It is designed to be fair to all participants, promote good games and reduce the burden on the organisers so everyone can focus and enjoy the games:

  • all players have a fair number of games per session. No need to jump on court or fight for a spot!
  • games are more balanced and challenging. The system learns every player's level in order to avoid games with too many difference in skills between the teams or between partners
  • everyone plays with a variety of players so the games remain diverse and interesting
  • the games suggested by eBadders can be modified manually. So you remain in control of your session
  • players can express individual preferences for game types (doubles, mixed) or partnerships (particular players)
  • participants can review all their games after the session and see how well they performed

For competitive and league clubs

Because the games scores are recorded in a database and the system learns from it, there are also many benefits for the club organiser:

  • you get an objective ranking based on the actual performance of the players rather than just impressions
  • you can use this ranking to organise your sessions by level; making sure that everyone has the required skill to attend the session
  • it can help you form league teams by identifying who are the best players for different game formats or which partnerships works well
  • you can follow the progress of your members over time and assess if the coaching sessions are fruitful


You need at least one internet connected device with a browser in your venue. It is possible to run the system entirely from a smart phone. However it is recommended to use a laptop or tablet for an better experience.

Idealy you would use two devices: one laptop to manage the session and a tablet located in a highly visible place in the venue to display the next games. The system is scalable and you can add as many devices as you want. The interface is very simple to learn so you don't need an organiser or a host constantly supervising the process.


At the moment this site is entirely free for clubs organisers and players!

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