Lin Dan Shuttlecocks - Sell at low price

On Discount Sale – at very low price! – £10 per dozen for goose feather shuttlecocks!

As World Champion, Lin Dan has produced his own brand of shuttlecocks. We are pleased to be the sole distributor for Lin Dan Shuttlecocks in the UK. The current A10 Lin Dan Shuttlecocks are more suitable for beginner to intermediate level, in order to promote badminton in the UK, so it is sell at low price!

It is free delivery for order over GBP50, which will take 2-3 workdays; If your order is urgent, please ask for next day delivery in the comment (charges may apply).

Please contact us if you want to try out the shuttlecocks:

Sophy Yu: 07912 602 688 (whatsapp/text preferable) or email
Shah Kabir: 07912 680 717 (whatsapp/text preferable) or email