Mile End, 7.30-10pm, 4 courts, High Intermediate+, Fri 3 Dec, 7:30 p.m. (2 h 30 mins)

Venue: Mile End, 4 courts

Standard fee: £10.0. (£10 for prepaid member; £11 for pay as you go. Member is anyone who prepaid £50+, 5% free credit given if prepay £100+, or 10% if prepay £180+) Bank account for session fees: * Account Name: ISO Badminton Club (Business Account) * Bank: HSBC * Sort Code 40-01-06 * Account number: 02714124 * Reference: full name for you or who you are paying



Mile End


Mile End Park Leisure Centre and Stadium
190 Burdett Rd,
E3 4HL

How to get there?

Easy to find – only 5-8 minutes walk straight from Mile End Station

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