[CLOSED] ISO Tournaments - 14th, 15th & 21st Sept 2019


Sponsors needed

ISO Badminton Club, as not for profit club, is looking for Sponsors for the tournaments and club events, in order to help promoting badminton activities in the UK. If you are willing to Sponsor the club in any forms, please email to sophy.yu@hotmail.com.

(Other News: From May 2019, ISO is in partnership with Badminton England to organise a ‘Central London Badminton Friends League’, open to everyone with level separation, therefore play competitive games at your level and also encourage social & fun side of badminton when play with a group of friends. Have a good number of teams entered and would be good to have more. For more information, or register as a team captain or a player, please visit or sign up online: https://ebadders.com/central-london-league/league/)

ISO Tournament – Sponsored by iBadds & Chaopai – a happy & excited event to gather badminton friends together for some good games and fun!


  • Plan to give out one shirt per player who enter two or more categories, or short, skirt, or other small gifts if doesn’t need a shirt (from: Online shop)
  • Any players are keen in joining us for some league matches, please email to sophy.yu@hotmail.com
  • Also set some cash bonus for B level Gold winners (S/MD/XD/WD)

  • Big Cash Bonus for Advanced Gold/Silver/Bronze winners (S/MD/XD/WD) as normal
  • Free entry for A category gold winners of ISO April 2019 tournament (see note)
  • 3 days long tournaments during 2 weekends 14th, 15th & 21st September 2019
  • Play at a very nice hall – St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, St Charles Square, London, W10 6EY (5-8 minutes walk from Ladbroke Grove, West Zone 2)

Notes: As an example, if you won mens doubles A in May 2018, then entry for mens A is free accordingly;

Categories & Estimated Time

Entries will be very limited for each category due to court/time restriction, please enter and pay ASAP – first come, first serve!

Please can you also forward the link to your friends, club members or anyone might be interested. thanks for your help in advance.

We reserve rights to move your entries to more suitable levels if some category is oversubscribed, but will inform you in advance.

Estimated time schedule:

Saturday 14th September (11am to 6.30pm – updated):

  • C: Social & Intermediate (S/MD/WD/XD): play order tbc

Sunday 15th September (10am to 8.30pm):

  • A: Advanced & County Players (S/MD/WD/XD): play order tbc
  • B1: High Intermediate (S/MD/WD/XD): play order tbc – limited entries due to short of court time
    (Mens singles A & B will be combined)

Saturday 21st September (11am to 6.30pm – updated):

  • B2: High Intermediate (S/MD/WD/XD): play order tbc
    (will also set ladies singles on Sat 21st Sept if have enough entries)


Level explanation:
A: MD is equivalent to Middlesex div 1-3, WD to div 1 & higher end div 2 standard
B: MD is equivalent to Middlesex div 4-5, WD to div 2 & higher end div 3 standard

Please note that B1 & B2 are all the same level as B, just separate into two days due to limited court hours per day. You can play either day, or both days if keen.

No limit on how many categories you can play, however please do consider appropriate level and your fitness if enter multi-categories.

Cash Bonus and Prize

  • Cash Bonus set for winners of Advanced & County players (A Category)
    A: Gold winners: £100 per pair (£50 for singles)
    A: Silver winners: £40 per pair (£20 for singles)
    A: Bronze winners: £30 per pair (£15 for singles)
  • Cash Bonus set for Gold Winners of High Intermediate players (B1 & B2 Category)
    B: Gold winners only: £30 per pair (£15 for singles)

Medals are set for all categories.

Shuttles: use good quality iBadds/Chaopai feather shuttles as we are the sole distributor in the UK: http://ebadders.com/shop/

Games Format

Doubles: plan 5 pairs per group in 1st round (to 21 points) and top 2 pairs each group will go to 2nd round;

Singles: plan 4/5 players in a group (to 21 points) and top 2 players each group will go to 2nd round.

Entry Fees & Payment – Non-refundable but can be transferred to other player

£14.50 for doubles, £15.50 for singles. For examples, if enter two doubles: 14.50+14.50=£29.00; if one doubles and one singles: 14.50+15.50=£30.00. (One free shirt for players who enter two or more categories)

Payment by Bank Transfer:

  • Account Name: ISO Badminton Club
  • Bank: HSBC
  • Sort Code 40-01-06
  • Account number: 02714124
  • Reference: full name for you or who you are paying for

Registration & How it works on eBadders

ENTRY CLOSING DATE: Sunday 8th Sept 2019 for 14th/15th weekend; Sunday 15th Sept 2019 for 21st Sept weekend (will close early when full as spots are limited!)

Please note entries are only reserved when payments received. First come, first serve.
The tournament is very popular, so please apply ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Payments must be made before the deadline or your entries will be void. Tournament Rules and groupings will be announced 2 days before the event.

If you are looking for a partner, please make the payment only if the partner found (by yourself or us);
If you are applying for a CLOSED category, the system will put you on waitlist. Please make the payment only if we can find you a place.

You will receive a system generated email once you registered, but your spot is not reserved at this stage. It will be only reserved once we received payments from both you and your partner – you will receive another system generated email confirming your spot. Therefore if you have paid but you partner have not, we will not confirm receipt. In this case, please do liaise with your partner.

Contact Details

Please text Sophy on 0791 260 2688 or email to

For more details, please visit our meetup site:


St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College
St Charles Square, London, W10 6EY

Lots of free parking around;
5-8 minutes walk from Ladbroke Grove, West Zone 2 – two straight walks from station: turn left from station and walk straight to St Charles Square, then turn left and walk straight the car park gate of the school – the gate is opposite no.47. It says no entry but that is where you can go in. You can also park the car inside the school.

Registration Form

Please complete the form below for each category you want to enter. (e.g. you need to submit two forms if you enter two categories). We will keep you informed by email. If you enter your partner details, your partner doesn't need to fill in this form. If you see 'CLOSED' in front of a category name, it means it is full. If you apply for a CLOSED category you will be put on a waiting list.