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Central London Badminton Friends League

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Central London Badminton Friends League – In Partnership with Badminton England
(A tournament style rolling league for groups of badminton friends)

Summary of the League:

• The Central London Badminton Friends League launching from May 2019!
• 4-5 tournament-style match dates to the Finals!
• Level separation (A/B/C): higher level players can play more balanced games and practise with your teammates; lower level can improve from match experience.
• All MD/XD/LD/S category available for each level once have enough teams to start with.
• Cash bonus for A winners, prize for B & C winners each match day!
• 3 or more friends form a team, not club based, so very easy to form the team. (Minimum 2 players for singles, 3 players for doubles – 2 double players allowed with special rules)
• 4-6 teams a division so each team plays against other 4-5 teams, total 10-12 matches per team per match date. Two teams go up and down, then play different teams next match date.
• An event to gather most badminton friends together for competitive and fun games; It is time to buzz your friends to form a team or ask to join a team if you are individual players.

Updated Match Dates & Locations (most matches will be played on Sundays):

Current Match Venue: St Charles College, St Charles Square W10 6EY (near Ladbroke Grove Station), or Kensington Aldridge Academy (KAA), W10 6EX (next to Latimer Road Station)

Detailed Rules of the League:


1. The aim of the league
2. The merits of the league
3. Levels Separation
4. Categories
5. Prize
6. Terms & Definition
7. (Important) Games Format for Mens/Ladies/Mixed Doubles
8. Games Format for Singles
9. (Important) Player, Nomination and Promotion/Relegation Rules
10. Match dates and location
11. Registration
12. Fees
13. League Management and Tools
14. League information


1. The aim of the league:
1.1 To encourage more balanced games with social and fun side of badminton competition;
1.2 To meet up and play with groups of badminton friends in a fair & enjoyable environment;
1.3 To help with promotion of badminton activity & encourage people play badminton on regular basis
1.4 To help bring in more values to badminton society and raise statue of badminton in the UK

2. The merits of the league:
2.1 To play with or against groups of players at your level, with more balanced games
2.2 To play at Central London with central court booking from the league organisation
2.3 No need to book the courts yourself & no need to travel home and away
2.4 Number of games and court hours are guaranteed
2.5 Teams move up and down, then play in different level and get to know more badminton friends
2.6 Simplified rules used for better team & sports spirit
2.7 Good quality feather Chaopai or iBadds shuttlecocks will be provided for the match

3. Levels Separation:
3.1 A: Advanced & County players: higher division Middlesex league players, or equivalent
3.2 B: Higher Intermediate Level: Lower division Middlesex league players, or equivalent
3.3 C: Intermediate & Social Level: non-league players, or lower end league players
3.4 Further separate to A1, A2…, B1, B2…, C1, C2…if more teams entered; A1 is higher than A2

4. Categories (accept one player to register multi-categories):
4.1 Mens Doubles: A, B C
4.2 Ladies Doubles: A, B, C
4.3 Mixed Doubles: A, B, C
4.4 Mens Singles: A, B&C combined
4.5 Ladies Singles: A, B&C combined
4.6 May combine some categories above if necessary

5. Prize:
5.1 Gifts may be awarded to ‘best players’ of each division, each match date
5.2 Cash bonus for category A winning teams, and other gifts for B & C winning teams, each match date (Bigger Cash Bonus for Final Match Date but conditions apply – only players who have played 2 out of 6 matches for that team will be eligible)

6. Terms & Definition:
6.1 Division: also meant level of play, such as division A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 etc.; A1 is higher than A2; The level of play will be confirmed at registration
6.2 Group: normally meant a group of friends, who want to play together as a team, or more than a team, if you have more friends in the group
6.3 Team: 3 or more friends form a team, not club based; each team should have a unique name which should be different from a club name and different from other group; if a group has entered more teams, the teams should use same name, and put as team 1, 2, 3…to separate the level;
6.4 Captain: a team player who is leading the team; a group can appoint one captain, or more captains if have more than one team in the group; team captain may bring fruits & snacks for sharing during the matches, and may recover such costs from team players
6.5 Match Date: 4 or 5 match dates per division per season from July to April, plus a Final for teams reach A1, B1 & C1 after last match; teams may have less match dates if joined at mid-way of season
6.6 Match: a match is a competition between 2 teams, each team plays 3-5 matches i.e. against 3-5 teams per match date, which lasts 2.5-3 hours
6.7 Game: each game plays to 21 points with settings, games may be shortened depends on timing, or conceded if any team arriving late and play at the end only if have time
6.8 Player: also called badminton friend, need to register with Badminton England either through this league or other means
6.9 Line-up: the list of pairs that will be playing a match

7. (Important) Games Format for Mens/Ladies/Mixed Doubles (please see the published scoresheets):

7.1 Basic rules for doubles:
7.1.1 Each team is formed of 3 or more players, and play 3-5 matches, i.e. play against other 3-5 teams, total 10-12 games, per match date
7.1.2 For each match, field 2 or 3 pairs as your line-up i.e. 2 pairs for a division of 6 teams, 3 pairs for a division of 4 or 5 teams
7.1.3 Each game plays to 21 points, with setting (no setting if run short of time)
7.1.4 One player can choose not to play against one team, but is not allowed to play all 3 games against one team if a division of 4 or 5 teams, or one player play maximum total 8 games if a division of 6 teams.
7.1.5 Pairings are not based on strength order. Line-up and pairs can also change for each match
7.1.6 If time available, best two players from top 2 teams for the demonstration game, only the teams with at least 3 players are eligible
7.1.7 Points system: 3 points for a win, 2 for draw, 1 for loss

7.2 Special rule for mens / ladies doubles:
7.2.1 If a team is short, allow to put 2 players only, but 1 game against each team will be played as friendly and marked as 0-21 loss in advance, also 1 point will be deducted if win/draw
7.2.2 Allow one lady to play as man in B or C mens doubles, but 50% vote required if in A division, and play as last pair of any match

7.3 Special rule for mixed doubles:
7.3.1 For a division of 4 or 5 teams, field either 3 mixed pairs or 2 mixed & 1 mens pair; for a division of 6 teams, field 6-8 mixed pairs out of 10 games in total, mens doubles play as pair 2 of any match
7.3.2 If the team is formed of 3 men and 1 woman, then pair 3 must be mens pair to avoid the lady playing all 3 games against one team for a division of 4 or 5 teams

7.4 Explanation:

For a division of 4 or 5 teams, total 12 games for a team per category, therefore 8 game per player for a team with 3 players, or average 6 games if a team with 4 players, or even less if a team with more than 4 players;

For a division of 6 teams, total 10 games for a team per category, therefore 6-7 games per player for a team with 3 players, or 5 games if a team with 4 players, or less if more than 4 players.

Mens/ladies/mixed doubles for same level currently play on the same day. For a group of friends who have entered both multi-categories, captains can arrange the games evenly or unevenly to each player based on availability or preference. It is very flexible.

8. Games Format for Singles:

8.1.1 Two friends form a team for each match
8.1.2 Each friend plays maximum 2 games against 1 team, and play against 3 teams on the same day; play order can be changed when play against different teams
8.1.3 Minimum 6 games if a team of 2, can bring 1 or more friends if want to play less games & share fees
8.1.4 One demonstration game at the end of match date, competing between the best player from the top two teams at each division (will be selected based on results on the match day)
8.1.5 Games order see scoresheet (to be released soon)

9. (Important) Player, Nomination and Promotion/Relegation Rules

9.1 Player
9.1.1 Player is required to register with this league 48 hours before the match date for the eligibility check; no other restriction as friendships have no borders, however, for fairness, only allow players who have played 2 out of 6 match dates to play final matches for teams reach A1, B1, C1 position after last match date; if any team could not field at least two eligible players to final match, then the team which finish just lower to that division may be selected
9.1.2 If a player has been registered to a team however NOT selected by that team captain in the first two matches, such player has the right to change the team
9.1.3 Player will be tied to the team which he/she plays first match for, however if such players has NOT been selected by that team captain in the following two matches, such player also has the right to change the team
9.1.4 If player has played 2 matches for that team, such player can not play for other teams, with exception of rule 9.1.5 below
9.1.5 If one player has multi groups of friends competing as different teams, such player is free to select the team which he/she wants to be part of, however if other group of friends need help when their team is really short, then can ask a friend from other group who suits the level of play, however if the team wants to borrow a higher level friend from other group in order to win the matches, then it should not be allowed
9.1.6 Any unfriendly approach from players during the league matches may be banned from playing

9.2 Nomination
9.2.1 Nomination is only applied when a group has entered more than one team in same category; captain should then nominate 3 higher level players to each higher team on each match date and such nominated players cannot play down for lower teams, on that match date
9.2.2 A lower team player can play maximum total 2 out of 10-12 games for one higher team each match date; if a lower team player has played 3 or more games for that higher team, then such player can not play the remaining lower team matches on the same match date
9.2.3 Nomination for each team can be changed for different match date, depends on level of players for that match date

9.3 Promotion/Relegation
9.3.1 New teams will join from bottom of the level which is more suitable for the play, for example, a team with county players should start from the bottom of level A, social players from bottom of level C
9.3.2 After each match date, top two teams will play one level up, bottom two teams play one level down, and form different teams in each division i.e. up and down very quickly to make sure you play at the right level and know more new badminton friends
9.3.3 If only one division in category A or B, all teams may stay in A1 or B1 after one match date, unless some new teams with suitable level joined following that match date, then bottom two teams will be relegated to A2 or B2
9.3.4 Teams at bottom of level A or B will stay at bottom of level A or B after one match date, however may be pushed down to level B1 or C1 if twice at bottom of that level
9.3.5 Teams at top of level B or C will stay at top level of B or C after one match date, however may be pushed up to level A or B if twice on top of that level

10. Match dates and location:
10.1 Matches are mostly scheduled during the weekends – please see the summary of league for updated match dates. (please note dates may be changed if venue is not available or match dates clash with Badminton England competitions, however two weeks’ notice should be given if any changes made)
10.2 Match dates are central booked, so teams cannot change the dates, however team captain can register more friends who are available
10.3 Every team is allowed to freeze one match date if required (play 4 instead of 5 match dates), but need to confirm at registration, otherwise full fees will be charged and not refundable
10.4 Match venue initially set at the nice venues at West Zone two near Latimer Road/Ladbroke Grove area (can also consider East London once more teams entered)

11. Registration:
11.1 Initial registration is any time until 30 June (tbc), and matches start from late July
11.2 Team can be registered any time after the deadline, and start playing if enough new teams entered and if courts are available

12. Fees:
12.1 Team registration fee: will be charged at registration at £5 per team per year, used for prize & registration administration works
12.2 Team match fee: early bird discount for teams registered by 31 July – doubles at £30 & singles at £26, per team per match date; after 31 July – doubles at £36 & singles at £30, per team per match date (very good value as only £7.5-9 per player per category if a team of 4 players)
12.3 Fees for 4-5 matches need to be prepaid once entry is accepted and space is guaranteed; If pay as you go, higher fee of £45 for doubles & £39 for singles per team introduced and only play if space available.
12.4 It is captain’s responsibility to collect fees from players and prepay for the matches by due date, captains should recover the fees for match snacks and team registration fee from team players etc.
12.5 Match fees are not refundable but prepaid players can ask other friends to step in for you and then you may recover the fee from your friends if you are not available on some match dates, just need to register your friends before the match
12.6 Final team match fee: for teams which prepay matches, doubles at £39 per team & singles at £33; for teams which pay as you go, higher fee of £48 per team for doubles & £42 for singles; Final team match fee need to be prepaid by 15 March, or just after the last match date if later
12.7 Bank details for the league:
Bank: HSBC
Account Name: Central London Badminton Friends League
Sort Code: 40-20-16
Account: 82294737

13. League Management and Tools:
13.1 League results will be entered on Badminton England League Management Tools
13.2 Captains on the day oversea the matches based on rules, no committee members set
13.3 Facebook group below has been set up to upload pictures and videos for the matches. Players are welcome to join the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/423447241802272/

14. League information:
14.1 More details and any rule updates will be discussed among captains
14.2 For more information, or register as a team or as individual looking for a team, please visit or sign up online: https://ebadders.com/central-london-league/league/
14.3 Any questions, please email: centrallondonbadders@gmail.com

This event is sponsored by iBadds Ltd, Chaopai & eBadders.com. Other sponsors are welcome!

DD/MM/YYYY format; Required for Badminton England registration for new player
You need BE number to play the league, but can enter form first, then apply for BE after 31 Aug
You can chose either Saturday or Sunday, or both. You can play with same or different group each day
Please enter Team Name, Player First Name Last Name, Gender, BE number&email (put TBC if no BE yet)
I confirm I will pay the amount as part of registration
I confirm I will pay the amount as part of registration
I confirm I will pay 4-5 match fees once entry is accepted
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